The perfect server: Ubuntu 14.04 vs 15.04


I’m back … lol, and trying to set things up the right way from the start.

Long story short, I ended up messing my server up beyond anything I could easily fix. Fortunately, my production sites were never really too far along. So I have decided to wipe the whole server and start over.

My concerns are making sure I set the server up from the beginning to allow for easy installation of Discourse, and I want to make sure I am setting my websites up for speed.

I was using Serverpilot for the control panel, and I was finding it to be a bit confusing when I wanted more control. I’m now looking at ISPconfig3 as a web server control panel.

My biggest question is on which Ubuntu version should I install. I’ve always been the type to upgrade when upgrades are available, and would like to know if I will encounter any issues if I were to set the server up with Ubuntu 15.04

Well, upon further research it looks like there’s not much of a benefit to upgrading to Ubuntu 15.04. I see a lot of people referring to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS as being the best option. So I will stick with the LTS version.
(smacks forehead) the LTS stands for Long Term Support and is best suited for servers.

Thanks … Pops


Was wondering about the same and found this topic. I’ll stick with 14.04 LTS too.

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Long Term Support)