The "Start Upgrading" button does not disappear during upgrade

Since some days, the Start Upgrading button does not hide during upgrading:

I don’t know how it looked before that change, but probably there was a cancel button or the like.


It looks like a regression, in fact it should be like that

at least until 1.9.0.beta10 +12 version I’m using.

EDIT : I can see the Start Upgrading button again, only if the upgrade fails for some reason. In this case it reappears. Check the log to see you find errors or not.

EDIT 2 : I can confirm that after the upgrade (done now) the Upgrading and the Reset Upgrade buttons are no longer displayed and the Start upgrading remains visible and clickable even if the upgrade is running.


I see this kind of errors in the browser console:
I do not know if they are related errors but I share them, just in case…

a 502 error relative to the /push-service-worker.js
and 500 errors for the /admin/docker/upgrade

I tried to click on the start upgrading button when a plugin update had already begun to see what would happen -> the upgrade seems to stop (the log disappears, after some minutes it reappears).

But If I click to turn back to the docker/upgrade/versions I see this:

and if I click on Currently Upgrading:

I can see the disappeared buttons (the log reappears after few minutes, about 3 or 4, at the beginning it remains completely empty).

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So will this be fixed some day?

It’s more a GUI problem than a serious bug.
Does not prevent or influence the upgrade but in fact it confuses you a bit .

I’m sure the team will fix it as soon as possible.

(I recategorize the topic in #ux category)


Oh I see this is a legit bug, the button changes and then immediately changes back @tgxworld


We still need to fix this @tgxworld


Fixed in