Issues with upgrade UI

To me, the whole updating/upgrading process is (in terms of UI) still substantially broken:

While the button is now correctly disabled during upgrade, it is re-enabled at the end of the upgrade process. When I’m clicking it, it seems to do an upgrade again, but nothing happens visually.

Other things related to the upgrading experience that look weird to me:

  • When pressing Upgrade all on the overview page, it takes several seconds of blank page, until it actually starts to show the Upgrade page, where I can press the next Upgrade all button again.
  • When switching to the “Versions” tab after an upgrade finished, the states of the items are what they were initially. I. e. I would expect them to be the same as when reloading the page.

Ok, here is the first round of enhancements:

This will fix all the issues you mentioned (and a couple more) except for the blank page issue when you click on Upgrade All. This blank page takes a few seconds to go away because a request to the server is taking so long to resolve. I’ll look into a way to improve that.


This is great! Thanks for giving me the chance to help improving this. And thanks to you for taking my suggestions and implementing them!


A simple “Please Wait” message can be helpful at that time!


Will there ever be a chance that when coming from the overview page /admin/upgrade/ by pressing an Upgrade button to an actual upgrade page, that the second Upgrade button on that page doesn’t need to be pressed at all?

This would then be a real “one click” upgrade then.

Not a “two click” upgrade as it is now.

Not sold on this. Better to let the user review, or update just one component if needed.

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Sorry, I meant something other:

When clicking one of the multiple Upgrade buttons on the overview page, I’m redirected to the acutal upgrade page.

There is yet another Upgrade button that I have to click again.

So when coming from the overview page (and only then), the second Upgrade button should be pressed automatically.

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