The upload of a backup seems to be allowed in read-only mode

If you are in read-only mode and you try to upload a backup via gui, the site go ahead and seems to upload the backup even if this is not true.

When you are in read-only mode there should be an alert telling you that you can not load the backup before you disable that mode.


Hmm shouldn’t uploading a backup be OK in read only mode? I am not sure, @zogstrip?

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:thinking: I just tested and uploading a backup while in read-only mode works as expected.

@Dax do you have a repro?

Did the backup show up? I was able to upload and get the “uploaded successfully” message, but the backup never appeared in the list.

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They take a little while to appear since there is a background task that needs to run in sidekiq to merge the uploaded chunks. Waiting one minute is often enough.

PRO TIP: clicking Logs and then Backups will force a refresh of the backups list.


Closing this but clearly the UI message presented should warn about the refresh @zogstrip that’s the real “bug” here… and should be fixed.


I’ve added some code to push the new list of backups once the file is merged so it automagically updates :fireworks:

Also, here’s the new message