Theme component: How to get a user's groups (not current user)?


I’m working on a theme component to restrict users’ status to groups.

I have difficulty getting a user’s group data (ID) in the following contexts:

  • user’s card
  • chat messages.

Requesting <username>.json is out of the question.
I did not find any specific route; although it may be okay in a card, it’s not in chat messages.

Is there a way I’m unaware? :thinking:

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i didn’t even think of the chat messages angle because we don’t use that component but now i see how that needs to be accounted for as well with any user status restriction options.

i may end up enabling the user status for all users. but as admin of a sports based forum with a user base made up almost entirely of men of a certain age-demographic (lol), i feel like they will find ways to use that feature to troll others or use it in ways it isn’t intended. one of my mods is already complaining because i enabled the updated avatar user menu. lol

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