Theme Creator seems broken again

i keep getting stuck in the create palette screen and the “advanced” button is not working. it produces this error in console:

index.ts:665 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'apply')
    at q._run (index.ts:665:23)
    at q._join (index.ts:640:19)
    at q.join (index.ts:362:17)
    at p (index.js:157:1)
    at index.js:708:1
    at a (index.js:128:1)
    at index.js:707:1
    at index.js:666:1
    at m._triggerAction (d-button.js:170:1)
    at (d-button.js:134:1)

anyone else having issues?
wasn’t sure if this was a support, ui, or bug topic. also, couldn’t find a tag for theme-creator.


I can repro this issue

  1. Create new theme
  2. Click “advanced” button from color palette
  3. Uncaught TypeError: t is undefined

sorry i should have been more clear on the repro steps. thank you :slight_smile:

Should be fixed by


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