Theme preview does not work if the theme has not been edited and saved

I do not understand if that’s how it should work (but it seems strange), or just does not work well.

If I have a theme, not enabled and that is not a component of other active themes, the preview button does not work, or rather, it works but opens the site as always, without let me see the preview of that stylesheet.

I also tried with stylesheets used as components of other (active) themes, but the result is the same.

Then, if I go to the stylesheet and click on “preview” without editing anything, just as described before, the site is loaded normally, without showing only the preview.

For practical purposes, the preview button does not serve anything at the moment.

Preview works only if I change something, click save and then the preview button.

Then I wanted to know, how do you share the preview with other people?
I often find myself in the situation of having to show a work in progress to decide with my team how to go ahead.
I first shared the preview link with them, but now that the preview link is no longer available I have to do a lot of screenshots and often they are not enough to explain the changes made, because they can not see them in “action”.


I believe @sam plans to do more work in this area soon but it may be a month or two out.

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Wonderful :star_struck:

EDIT: (sorry for the two-time response, I was in the middle of a cat VS dog war…)

Do you mean that in addition to the existing functions he might consider adding extra functionality?

The big 2 pieces of functionality missing are

  1. Discovery of themes
  2. User selectable theme components

(2) is on my definite roadmap, (1) needs fleshing out.


Thanks for posting about this issue.

I installed and customised a theme last night and it was going well. When I hit PREVIEW it displayed the theme as I expected. But, this morning when I tried to preview it again, suddenly the unchanged CSS wasn’t being previewed at all. I couldn’t understand why it stopped working.

After reading your post above, I tried adding a blank space anywhere in the theme’s CSS, then clicked SAVE. And BOOM, suddenly the preview button works again, just like you said above.

This is a bug. And as you mentioned, it makes it harder to show the theme to others, without explaining the need to do a pointless save first.

I just ran into this as well. It makes it hard to test and build a theme behind the scenes. This should probably be fixed since it is not working as expected by the user.

It would also be nice to be able to make themes available to either Mods or Admins in addition to users. Let’s say we are working on a special Holiday Theme and do not want to show it or make it available right away.

I am having trouble reproducing this, is the problem theme on your site? I tried to repro the issue in dev and was unable to get this cache poisoning problem.

Right now if I go to a specific theme that is not selectable by users (ex /admin/customize/themes/47) and click on “Preview” the preview does not change the theme. If I then go in change anything (ex Color Scheme or theme name etc…) then it will Preview properly.

Just testing it again right now and it is happening to me.


OH my, what a giant bug,

Fixed per:

Will get it deployed to you @Sean_R shortly.


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