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Greetings. Can someone please let me know if there is a sample theme similar to the layout shown in this website - or point me to a place where I can find this myself?

We really like the horizontal layout and can’t figure out how to change this with the existing template (Topic Thumbnails) we are using.

Thank you so much.


This theme is Discourse Vincent theme

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Thanks Don. I just installed the Vincent theme however I’m not able to get the same view as the sample website I linked above. What I want is to merge Categories with Topics and Latest. Rather than have Latest appear as a separate window to the right.

That is a category home page.

You can set up on admin page.


top menu (set the categories first)
desktop category page style (set it Categories and Latest topics)


I only get this view when I select Categories with Featured topics under ‘desktop category page’ option.
Category and Latest and Category and Top options reverts back to the split view.

How do I keep the combined view for Category and Latest topics?

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Yes you right sorry my bad. This is Categories with Featured topics

Screen Shot 2020-09-20 at 11.15.41 AM

I tested on my site and check the source this is the correct setting. They use this.

That’s ok. Thanks for checking! So can I assume we cant get the same view using Category and latest topics?

The problem with the Category and Latest Topics is that the latest topics are the global latest. When you see left side category that not equal the right side latest. So in that way you cannot do that. You can use some css modification to merge it but that is just for design, not the function.

ok can I please ask you another question - is there a way to remove the Flag feature? We have a group which does not require the Flag function.

You can change flagging skill by trust level in admin. So if you don’t want to available flagging for users set this for Trust Level 4 - Leader. This means users under TL4 cannot flag posts.

You can set change it here


Change the min trust to flag posts field.

perfect. thank you! Do you know of any good light colored theme that we can use? Currently using topic-thumbnail - feel the topics and the whole layout occupy too much space.

I really would like a light version of Discourse Vincent theme - I did play around with the color templates but it is more designed for darker fonts.

One more issue I came across which I was not able to fix is getting social icons to show up when clicking on Share link button. At the moment I see only email. Is there any setting required to turn this on? I’ve installed social-share component and linked this to the theme.

I have the below configured for whatsapp

whatsapp,fab-whatsapp,share with whatsapp,

svg icon is set to fab-whatsapp

Please keep this conversation relevant with the OP. If you have more question create a new topic if it not exist on Meta yet. But first search of topics. Or you can PM me. Thanks!

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