There is a line that comes up in Header submenu

When I install the Header submenu, a line gets displayed on my mobile which i need to remove.

I tried reinstaling, but did not work.

Can you see the line on the topic: The issue of political correctness? It does not go if I change screens. Problem exists only on mobile.

How do i remove it?


First off, welcome to Discourse META :smile:

Secondly, please fix your link: << This is wrong

Should be:

I cannot see this line, did you fix it?

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I can see the problem, appears to be Android specific. I’ll investigate.


No. The problem exists on my android mobile and not on desktop

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Thank you. Will wait for your comments

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Ah ok, I only have iPhone, hope it gets fixed soon for you :+1:

I spent a little time on this, and I’m not 100% sure why this is happening. It might be a rendering bug in mobile Chrome (because it doesn’t happen in Chrome on desktop when Discourse is in the mobile view)… Horizontal overflow is what is causing it, but the component needs to overflow to be visible to work correctly.

In your specific case, if you made your menu content a little less wide… for example, using “Journal” instead of “Read Journal” – the problem goes away.


thanks for thinking about it. I removed the word Journal to observe, and also updated the component as there was a new component. The result was that the whole menu on mobile became invisible. I cant see it now.

Looks like you have position: absolute; on .d-header in your theme — if you remove that it should be visible again.

Would there be any issues if I do that, as it is the main theme css?

Now that I look at it… it probably would cause some issues with your theme. Have you overridden templates to make some customizations? I see you’re on the latest version of Discourse… but it looks like the header is missing some of the new changes.

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Hey guys

I have the exact same issue! Have you guys found a workaround @awesomerobot @Srinath_Rao1

Screenshot below.