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Can you please help me understand this notification my readers are receiving?

We have a thread that’s posted to daily. It could be a weekly thread, I suppose.

But I’ve posted in it let’s say 14 times, another person 16 times, but one person that posted to it less than the top thread posters has received a notification to let others join the conversation. Are you sure you’re providing adequate time for other people to share their points of view, too? LOL I shouldn’t laugh, but that’s hilarious to me and not quite as funny for the person who received it.

I’ve never seen this myself, so didn’t even realize it existed. I get notices that I should combine my posts instead of making new posts in a thread a lot. I just ignore them. Because yeah, I do that and it’s not going to change. LOL I post the way I think. It’s often rapid and then I edit and refine if needed, sometimes not. Strong personality and all. I also ramble. Perhaps I’ll get a notification that says hey get to the point!

Are these types of notifications beneficial to others? I’d like a show of hands, please if you like this!
I get it. Really I see the intention. I just lean toward not agreeing with it.

I’d like you to consider what I’ve experienced so far.

Upon starting my community, my brand new members were told to come back later, they had posted too many times that day. LOL I believe I changed the default settings on that, so my goof and oversight. I can’t remember. It’s been months.

Then this? Am I again missing a setting?

Let’s just say someone’s personality shines through with these notifications and it’s not mine. Couldn’t resist !

So where do I fix this? And wouldn’t it be nice if I could figure out how to see all of these notifications that I might personally never see and shut them off entirely.

I’ve only had one coffee today, so hopefully I overlooked a setting…err, again.


To edit those thresholds, they are under Admin -> Settings -> Other.

To disable them entirely, set sequential replies threshold and dominating topic minimum percent to be something like 1000.


Thank you! I appreciate it. I was pretty certain I was missing settings because by default, this is just crazy, imo! I do wish I could check a box on or off for things versus putting in some high number, though. But all is great in the world again and I’m always happy with the quick and helpful responses here.

Glad it helped. I get why it’s there, but I am also not much of a fan of that particular JIT warning myself. Having the software suggest that a user shush on a particularly heavy-hitting subject was not a good experience for them. I disabled it right away when I got that feedback.

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A member was affected enough to comment on this warning today.

Whilst I agree with this type of warning in principle and want to avoid forum domination I think the logic could be finessed to take into account the number of likes received by the poster on the current thread. If the user has an above-average number of likes they should be able to post without encountering the warning.

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The general idea is that a conversation dominated by one person isn’t much of an actual conversation – conversations are better when people pause, reflect, and listen to others regularly.


Agree with you on forum domination, @codinghorror. In general the warning is totally appropriate.

However, I’d hate some of our extra-knowledgeable members to get told off for posting more than others.

On the topic I mentioned, a handful of members had attended an important meeting IRL and the rest of the forum was waiting eagerly for their reports. But one of them got the warning and was put off from reporting back to us all.

Feel free to adjust your site settings if you feel the setting does not apply to your situation.

@ChrisBeach On my forum, it happened on a gratitude thread. Nothing like sharing what you’re thankful for and getting a notification to shut-up. LOL She took it well, but I didn’t understand why two others (myself included), didn’t receive a notification and had dominated the conversation more. Maybe I just ignored it. I don’t recall ever seeing it and believe me, I am a conversation hog on my own forum. I am constantly engaging in and encouraging more conversations even in single threads.

@codinghorror I do see and understand the intent. I’d like to be able to shut some of these notices off, but I am fine with simply raising the threshold. Look! What notice? I changed the setting and it won’t happen again. :slight_smile: When I posted, I wasn’t sure what I could do and where to find how to change it. I simply didn’t look well enough. I did wonder if people liked the notifications, though and whether they would like to be able to turn some or all of them off or edit the wording.

I find it to be a helpful reminder, because I am a man, and men tend to dominate discussions (more-or-less) accidentally.

On technical debugging topics where there’s not really a discussion per se, it is not directly applicable, so I just ignore it in those cases.

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You do know I’m laughing, right? I’m laughing alone, probably. I do always like to see the thinking behind decisions and how those decisions are received, I appreciate your perspective.


Hello, I’ve just found this thread while looking for a way to turn this message off and it mostly answers my question, but I have a follow up question: - if I set the percentage to 100%, how many posts do there have to be in a thread before this auto-response kicks in?

For example, a user might sometimes start a new thread, and then reply to themselves to add some additional information that they forgot to include, or to bump their own thread. Then there are only two posts, but they are 100% by one person.

I agree with Sara that an on/off option for these types of settings would be preferable! I am running a bereavement support site so it’s not appropriate for us to police how often people post so I am trying to make sure none of these automated messages slip past me.