"This topic is only visible to those who can see the {x} category" message

Hi Discourse,
I’m a super happy user of discourse. My community is alive and well because of your forum software. It’s easy to use, looks great, we can share files, and it is just a fantastic community environment.

So of course I have a question:
Our “How To” category posts show this at the top:

“This topic is only visible to those who can see the HowTo category.”
Does everyone see this oronly Staff & Admin?
It doesn’t appear for other categories.
The “How To” category is configured like our other categories, and it doesn’t have a parent category.

I’ve looked for a setting to make this go away, but I’m stumped.
Can anyone help me make this message go away?

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You set the HowTo category to be a shared drafts category using the site setting shared drafts category.

You will want to undo that.


Ok I found it under the Settings/Posting section.
From the description of “Shared Drafts”, this banner message is only seen by admins & staff. Is that correct?


Thanks @Falco for the solution!
I created a ‘Drafts’ category and assigned it to this setting.