Why does this "choose destination category" appear at the top?

I’m confused about why this is showing at the top of some user posts. The “Ask Anything” category security settings allow everyone to create/reply/see

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Is “Ask Anything” set as the Shared Drafts category? Check your site settings and search for “shared”.


yes, it is. Can you share more about what that means? I turned off the “Uncategorized” default one. Also, do users see this “destination category” prompt at the top or just staff/admins?

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Not sure what users see, but Shared Drafts should only be enabled for a staff-only category. Learn more here:


It looks as if you have tried to create a shared draft, rather than a new topic. Shared Drafts are a staff only feature so other users won’t see this, but you should be using your Staff Category (or similar) for creating these, not your Ask Anything category.


Thanks! I’ve corrected this in our settings.