Thoughts on a plugin which turns discourse into stackoverflow

I know I know discourse is not a Q&A platform, and you might not believe in negative votes, etc, as mentioned in other posts. This is not a question about the philosophy, it is a technical question, so please proceed with technical answers.

I think a forum platform like discourse, and a Q&A platform like SO have a lot in common. On the other hand, despite many tries, a polished, high quality, open source clone of SO with a large community and high momentum like discourse does not yet exist. So I was wondering how easy, or difficult, would it be to create a plugin that would convert discourse into stackoverflow?

Would this imaginary plugin be something ‘hacky’ that only would work as a prototype, or would be reliable enough for production?


This must be broken in sub-tasks and as many plugins. You can edit this list as needed since it’s now an editable wiki :wink:

Existing plugins : .

Non existing:

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You may also be interested in the Question Answer plugin.


It’s not a wiki yet, but you could ask @zogstrip to make it a wiki.

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I am not a very expert Ruby on Rails Developer. I finished my last project Bartering Apps and my next one will be a like StackOverflow discussion forum, because I am very interested in how developers find solutions to problems. Once that I implemented the current state of the art Discourse Forum plus Plugins, I could try to develop the following points:

  1. How to get answer’s comments? (stackoverflow-like & tiny)


  3. How to have all post (answers) as wiki by default? (maybe)

My only hope is that I get through it :smile:

Wish me luck, I hope I am not posting something inappropriate for this discussion…
I would need some help and directions, I start one reading some discourse material and maybe cloning the github project.



Thanks for this list. Would it be fair to assume that the listed ‘Existing plugins’ continue to be stable and work well in latest versions of Discourse ? Do the plugins have some standard notion of “quality” against versions of discourse ?

Also in the last 5 years, have any newer plugins been added that might help bring Discourse even closer to SO in terms of user-experience and look-n-feel ?

Then, is there a way that the “+ New Topic” button could be changed to say “+ Ask New Question” ?
And it is a default Discourse behaviour (out-of-the-box) to do some intelligent search based on partial or full text of the question entered to see if similar question already exists or not, and check with poster if those questions answer their question already ?

We have an official solution for this!

Discourse Question Answer is an open source plugin that provides Q&A format to Discourse.

We are beta testing at the moment.