Integrating Discourse and Stackoverflow?

We are considering using Discourse for our open source developer community, to facilitate discussion.
Another option considered, and seen by some as the preferred option, is to simply rely on Questions on StackOverflow, and drive our community there.

I am wondering if there are ways to integrate both, to somehow let both doors open. For instance, triggering automatically a discussion in Discourse when a new question is posted in SO about our technology.

Any body has achieve some sort of integration between Discoure and StackOverflow?


No such integration makes sense; Stack Overflow is focused Q&A – discussion is explicitly disallowed. I would just stick with Stack Overflow, with the caveat that Stack Overflow has rules about this sort of thing.


Thanks Jeff.
Borders between answerable questions and discussions are not always super clear to me.
Agreed that a discussion would not fit in Stack Overflow, but could imagine a Q&A in SO generating a discussion in Discourse. In any case this can totally be done manually, if we decide to use both, we might not need integration then.

If it can have 10+ “answers”, it is not a question, but a discussion.

More info in this video Learning Vs. Discussion by Jeff Atwood [Video]