Thread unsafe hash usage in Logster

While using discourse in a multi-threaded Ruby implementation and server (TruffleRuby/Puma), errors are produced by the unsafe hash usage in the logster gem near this section:


I see, any chance you can add a Mutex there in a PR? seems like the correct approach to fixing this.

(aside @dev-managers / @jomaxro I guess for parity with other projects we should keep logster issues enabled on github? my vote is yes)


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If a Mutex is used, it should be used on both the write and read accesses for correctness.

This functionality feels like a better fit for fiber/thread-local variables though.
Is it possible to have multiple Logster::Logger instances, or is it always just one? If multiple we somehow need to make the instance’s object_id part of the key used for fiber/thread-local lookups.

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Absolutely! I think this should fix it and heavily simplify this code at the same time :+1:


Pretty sure there is only one, but I added some protections.

I opted out of using a define_finalizer consumers are responsible for clean up, otherwise the accounting gets very hairy.

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