Thumbnail not showing when image in post

Hi all

When you post a forum link on social, the large meta image card shows.

Except for when there’s an image in the first post, that comes up instead of the meta image card and looks really small, i.e. not the full image card.

Any ideas why?

This depends heavily on specifics, which site, etc. Can you provide a specific example with screenshot?

Hi @codinghorror

Here is an example:

The above post which contains images, when shared on Twitter, for example, shows a small thumbnail:

However, any other post from our forum which does not contain an image displays a full-size thumbnail:

Thanks for checking this out, I really appreciate your time.


I see, yes, this is a feature we have.

We assume that when you are sharing something you prefer to show the image from the particular post.

I guess I have 2 questions:

  • Are you looking for some sort of switch that says that unconditionally you should always use the default image?

  • Are you looking for a switch that says that if the image is narrower than X then do not include it in the metadata and use default instead?

Hi @sam, the latter would be ideal I think.

The assumption you mention does make sense, I agree, it’s just that the card is very small compared to the full-size card.

This has not popped up too much before, but I agree, if you share a square image on twitter (or low res image) it does not look great.

@codinghorror do you think we should provide any switches here? Should we amend any of our defaults?