Tickets Plugin 🎟

I will say that the Solved plugin and Assign plugin help a lot. If a bug is reported for example, the admin assigns it. If it is solved, then the solved would auto close the topic after 24 hours. The solved shows a check mark next to the topic in the topic list.

Rather, the only purpose of the tickets plugin in this case is that it creates 3 tag groups - ticket priority, ticket status, and ticket reason. We can create tag groups also without plugins. I think this is more of a convenience to see all topics associated with a ticket from the admin panel.

If you use the tag icons theme component, you can color your tags and add a ticket icon for it as well, with tags that you created without the plugin.

Is there any tickets dashboard that is not under /admin path?


Can’t seem to find out how to make tickets LOL. Can someone please guide on how to get this to work`?

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Hit the pencil icon near the title to edit the Topic meta. Then you should see the interface. See the OP.


Thank you, after installing yesterday I was looking for a very long time lol


Maybe @meglio asked this for the same reason: We’re trying to setup Discourse for our companies internal communication and organisation. Therefore we’d like to employ the ticket plugin for task management but encounter the problem, that everyone has to become a staff member to view the ticket dashboard. (And making everyone moderator or admin brings a lot of other workaround and customisation questions for us).

So, if there isn’t already a possibility to get the ticket dashboard viewable for every user, is it maybe planned to have this - maybe in regards of the development of Discourse for Teams?

Hi @angus - might be worth mentioning that this site setting needs to be enabled to put tickets onto PMs - took me a morning to work it out…

Thank you!

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Hi there, do you think that we can make a bounty thread for collect funds in order to develop that missing feature?

I think that not limiting support topics to staff members keep the Discourse philosophy into that ticket system.

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Hi @angus - as mentioned above, the allow staff to tag pms also should be mentioned in the OP - in order to ticket PMs.

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@jerry0 Thanks for the nudge, I’ve updated the OP.

Generally, if you’re interested in this plugin I would encourage you to check out Discourse for Teams. I don’t work for, and I’m not entirely sure if you could fulfil this use case within that framework, but if I were considering a use case involving this plugin, I’d start by looking there. I would note that the original author of the spec for this plugin @tobiaseigen now works for (perhaps even on Discourse for Teams?) :slight_smile:

That said, if you are interested in taking this plugin further, Pavilion would be open to developing it as part of a paid contract, depending on what you’re looking to do. You can PM @Ellibereth if you’re interested in doing that. We’d also potentially be interested in doing some (free) open source work on it, but our schedules in that respect are currently very full, so it’d have to be later in the year.

We (Pavilion) don’t currently use this plugin internally. If that changes, and we start using it for some reason, then you may see some work on it sooner (@Ellibereth perhaps we should; let’s revisit this).