Time Boxed Chat

Would be great if we could time-box the chat feature so the room is only available for a certain time. This will allow community managers to create events in their forums.


+1 for this (added something to keep Discourse happy)

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Do you want to set a timer for the entire chat feature or for channels only?
What would happen when the timer reaches the end? Should the logs still be available to users?

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Channel-specific would be enough for my use case.

I think when the timer reaches an end, the whole would be available in the channel, or another channel, as a thread. It would also allow me to spin off certain chat discussions into community discussions to continue afterward.


Have you experimented with doing this manually at all yet? Knowing now that works in practice would be helpful for designing built in features for this.

I could imagine doing something like with existing features:

  1. create a category for these kinds of channels that is associated with a group people can join freely to gain access
  2. create a topic in the category about the upcoming event
  3. at the desired time, create a channel I’m that category with auto-join enabled
  4. @group in the topic to let folks know the channel is open
  5. chat away in the channel
  6. Use the archive channel feature to capture the transcript in the topic.

If folks try that out or something like it I’d be interested to hear how it goes. What works well, what could be better, etc.


I have not! Thanks for outlining these steps for me.