Time zone flipped

Hello! I noticed a weird issue on the Meta Discourse forum, the GMT +/- time zones seem to be flipped. GMT +* is interpreted as GMT -*, and vice versa.

Take this timestamp:

It displays like so on my side:

Taipei’s time zone is GMT+8, therefore 15:00 or 3:00 pm is correct.

However, when observing explicit time zones such as GMT-12 and GMT+12, their behavior seems to be flipped. GMT-12 is displaying the time appropriate for GMT+12, and GMT+12 is displaying the time appropriate for GMT-12. I’ve mentioned earlier that Taipei’s time zone is GMT+8, I’ve also explicitly specified that at the bottom, and it’s observable that the date shown is completely different from Taipei.

As a reference: these are what the correct dates should look like


Wow odd bug, thanks for reporting it, we will have a look.

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Ah, that explains it, this post also helped me understand what was going on

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