Timeline Discourse

(Paulo Berlitz) #1

Hi, everyone.
My need is to set the " timeline " of " Discourse " similar to the " timeline " of Facebook.
We are migrating a Facebook community for the " discourse " .
They are accustomed to photos and videos in the " timeline " , and we understand that the appearance of " Disocurse " should be as close as possible to the Facebook .
Has anyone done this setting ? Can you indicate to us which communities that already use Discourse this way? Thank you all. We have visited some community sites with similar characteristics , but we need help to make the required settings .
We’re loving the " Discourse "

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #2

Using the topic list previews plugin combined with some major CSS changes, you could achieve something close to a Timeline-like design.

Users would still have to enter the topic to interact with it though.

(Pad Pors) #3

out of curiosity, does this mean that “it’s impossible or very hard to apply changes that results in interacting with a topic in the topic-list-page”?

(Paulo Berlitz) #4

My team is already using the plugin " dicourse -topic - previews ," and is working on the CSS . Have achieved some progress , getting put images in the " timeline " . But when we enabled " mobile-friendly " in the settings of " discourse " , the images are not shown in the " timeline " . We are struggling to solve.

I wonder if you or someone can help indicate to me some programmer who has performed all the procedures to set up the " timeline " equal to the : TIDBITS.IO

Desktop view:

Mobile view:

Important: the ideal setting for us is the image of this post . With the big picture. We understand that the interaction of members can only occur within the post. This is not a problem for us .

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #5

With enough monkey patching, nothing is impossible :stuck_out_tongue: But Discourse is currently not designed for this type of interaction, so no such feature would be particularly pretty on the inside. More on that here:

As for this

Just put up a topic for it in the #marketplace. If @angus the author of Topic Previews is available for freelance work he certainly seems like a natural first pick :wink: