Timeline-last-read and back-button often don't appear

Hi there, I just noticed on my forum that the extremely useful timeline-last-read and back-button elements only appear on some topics after jumping to a previous date in the timeline. There appear to be two circumstances that prevent this functionality:

  • There seems to be a hard limit somewhere around 1000 posts, after which the “Back” functionality doesn’t appear. This functionality becomes more and more useful the longer the thread gets, and I have tons of topics with thousands of posts.
  • This is an imported forum. It appears that the “Back” functionality doesn’t appear on any imported topics, whether they have newer posts created directly in Discourse or not.

Are there any ways to work around these limitations? Or can anyone confirm if it’s normal for it not show the “Back” marker under certain circumstances? Thanks!

Edit: So it appears that I was usually going directly to the last post in the topic, which disables the “Back” functionality because it’s the last one. I guess this makes sense, but there is room for improvement here I think:

  • Even if I reach the last post in the topic and then jump back up, I think it should start tracking the last-read post number if I go down again and then back up again. Example: 1) Viewing post # 1500/1500 clears last-read, 2) Jump up to post 1200/1500, 3) Read down to post 1205/1500, 4) Jump back up to post 1100/1500 should offer the “Back” button and marker for post 1205/1500.
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