Tiny tweak: editor badge text

At the Glitch Discourse site I posted:

The Editor Badge page says:

While you won’t be able to edit your posts forever …

At first read, that sounded like a feature that is slated to be sunset.

How about changing it to something like:
“While new posts can only be edited for a couple of hours after creation …”,
or even
“Note that new posts are only editable for a couple of hours, but during this window, editing is encouraged …”

They liked the suggestion and updated the text, but noted that it’s from Discourse itself. So let me make the suggestion here too …


I don’t care for this suggestion because it means we have to customize the text based on the value of “how long posts are editable” site setting, which creates significant extra work for us, and for translators in every single language.

On top of the extra work, to me it feels overly prescriptive. I feel like people should be able to understand “you won’t be able to edit this forever” means there is a time limit, but it’s a bit OCD to require knowing the exact time limit under which you can edit a post…

I think it’s sufficient for sites that feel strongly about this to customize to their personal tastes

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I don’t mean that the text should specifically reflect how long the posts are editable.
I mean that the text should not be readable as: “currently this site allows you to edit your posts, but this feature will be removed in future”.

The intended meaning is probably obvious to long-time Discourse users, but new users are starting to use it every day.

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