Tip: copy topic title & paste markdown link

I created a gif for my community that I wanted to share. We are creating a few wiki pages of key posts. In doing so, I realized how beautifully Discourse works when you copy the title of a post and then paste it into a message.


Is there some setting for this to work?

I get a link to the original article, not a markdown version of the original article.

Check if the setting enable rich text paste is activated, I think this option is needed for this kind of behaviour

Thanks but that does not solve it (it was already checked) - and that seems to refer to pasting content, not pasting a title

How are you trying to copy the title? This method works only by highlighting the title and using keyboard shortcuts or by highlighting the title and right clicking on “copy” (not “copy link location”).


You can press ctrl+shift+v to avoid formatted pasting in most browsers.


I tried both Command-C and RightClick-Copy as you suggest. Each time when I paste I get something in this format referencing the entire post, not the markdown for the entire post:

Why would you expect to get the entire post in that case? You are only copying the link. If you want the post content, you need to copy the actual visited post content, not the link to it?

OK that was obvious (!) Or maybe not - I learned something.

What confused me was the topic of the post which says Copy topic title and paste"

What I just discovered is that the same feature to convert HTML to Markdown works for random htm from other sources that I paste in

That’s a terrific way to learn more about Markdown as well as to edit content from other sources and keep the original formatting in the edits.

A great secret feature