Tips for tagging a freshly imported discourse

I’m currently testing out the migration of an old Drupal forum to Discourse and everything is looking great so far.
Now that I’m thinking about the new organization (categories and tags), I was wondering if there are any suggestions on how to tag hundreds of posts without doing it one by one :smiley:
Maybe over-categorize in the source and then replace some of those categories with tags in Discourse?


Mostly, if you can automatically add tags with a simple search, why bother? If you have reason to believe that you have lots of content that people will want to use tags to mute so that they will not see it, you might do so.

What problem are you trying to solve by adding tags?

Mostly, it’s best to start with few categories and tags and add them when it’s clear that you need them and not try to imagine a forum that you do not yet have.


The original forum is a maze of categories and my goal is to create one level of categories and replace everything else with tags (where applicable). But I like your suggestion of using search to add tags, didn’t thought of that.

Thanks Jay!

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