Title character limit exception

We would like to use Discourse as our main communication tool. When people which to contact our community, we invite them to send and email to our contact email address.

We can set up a contact group, set an email address, pull emails regularly and things should work.

However, I’ve had one interesting push back argument saying that we receive email from people that have empty titles ; Digital illiteracy is a theme we work on in our community.
With current Discourse settings, such emails will be sent back to sender because of the title character threshold not met.

I love this feature from Discourse and I don’t want to lower it to 0 because of this particular use case. Is there any way we can make exceptions on this, say for incoming emails for a specific group for example ?

Thanks !

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I’ve just tested this by sending an email in with no subject line and the email was delivered. Discourse applies emails.incoming.default_subject which is This topic needs a title.

In my case I am using the mail-receiver, rather than POP3.

What version are you running?


Thanks Stephen.
I feel silly now, I’ve found out that I’ve only tested so far on categories without allowing anonymous messages. I assumed the behavior was the same. I feel this topic would be more appropriate in #support now.