Email-in Discourse::InvalidAccess [min_topic_title_length]

When testing email-in to a category, I get Discourse::InvalidAccess in the rejected emails tab.

The category is set to receive emails from any address.
The security of the category does not include everyone, but this is on purpose.

Is that the cause of the error?

@Dylan_Michael has some recent XP with reply/post by email.

Uh is that with discoursemail or different server system?

There will be an error if you are trying to reply to e-mail with different address than what notification mail was sent to.

If you are trying to start a new topic there may be some other problem.

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Yes this is supposed to create a new topic…

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That is supposed to work regardless of if security of category is not open to everyone, e-mails will create a new topic post.


Changing min_topic_title_length solved the issue: the default is 15 characters, but incoming emails had shorter subject lines.

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It would be useful to test and reproduce this issue to verify there is no bug… I’m going to reset the setting and retry… Duh… The default was 15 characters, not 10. (Edited solution above.)

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