Title links only work if the slug is present

Links like this https://meta.discourse.org/t/site-being-phished-on-third-party-domain/32112 work but when you only use the /t/:id part like this https://meta.discourse.org/t/32112 you get an error instead.

Reloading the error page causes the correct page to load.

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That is not intended to work. Why would anyone expect that to work?

Add a slug of 1 character if you want the “shortest” form.

I only expected it to work since pasting the short URL into the address bar and pressing enter works.


This is actually the same issue as not being able to click this link:


The Ember router, if it can’t find a route, just gives up and shows the error page. (The error page for a network request, no less :sweat:) We need to tell it to make a HEAD request if the route isn’t found and do a non-pushState() navigation if the page exists.


For this case the simpler fix is just adding a route :slight_smile: