Toggle menu in Composer

I’ve been struggling to understand the toggle menu in composer. The one at the top, next to the detail indicating what is being composed:


Having looked at it in detail I’ve realised that there are some buggy problems in there which makes it highly confusing, hence my confusion!

I have reproduced the problems in Meta itself, so you should be able to see the behaviours here. I have tested in different browsers, they all seem to behave the same way.

  1. Fresh New Private Message

When I am writing a fresh new private message, the toggle menu should probably allow me to toggle to “Create new Topic”. Instead the only option in the Toggle menu is “Reply as linked topic”…


however there is no original topic to link to(!) so it does indeed go to “Create a new Topic” rather than “Replying as linked topic” as was indicated in the toggle menu…


  1. Remembering old composer actions

If I have either created a draft post or actually posted, then navigate entirely away from that, then click on “+Create New” anywhere (e.g. in the main homepage menu), the toggle menu gives me all sorts of options relating to that old action. Even when I am in a completely different category.

But this is an example of what I see in toggle menu…


Again, there is no topic that I am replying to.

Once I have sent a post and navigated away from it I would expect the composer to “forget” the old actions and simply give me the option to toggle to “New message” - but that’s all, as I am no longer composing for the previous topic context.

Please do let me know if I am missing something?

PS I got into this because the arrow is in itself confusing - so I was trying to work out what it was for! It seems to be very similar to (if not identical to) a “reply” icon. Should it not be something representing “options” instead? That would help users enormously.

I do see that there was a fair amount of discussion about this feature (for example here:
With the new right gutter, where should "Reply as Linked Topic" go? and here:
Menu toggle for different reply modes) so I apologise if I am re-raking old ground, but it doesn’t seem to be working right…

Many thanks!


I am curious, how are you triggering the composer to appear? Please list exact steps.

There are various ways, all of which result in the “Reply as linked topic” toggle to incorrectly appear.

  1. I go to my messages page (/u/jerry0/messages) and click on New Message;


  1. I go to a user card (e.g. after a search for a user in the header menu), and click on “Message” in the user card:

  1. We are also using the createPM composer function as per @Johani 's excellent post here:

I see @joffreyjaffeux can you add this to your list, low priority, when you return.


Should be fixed by