Tool for Tossing out Notifications via Discord

Alright, so this has probably been done before and this is done in a very hacked sort of way, and if I’m posting this in the wrong place, please let me know.

I’ve coded a tool in python which receives webhook data from Huginn, which receives it from Discourse. The required configuration with Huginn isn’t posted to the repo yet, but it will be posted soon, just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Here is the repo URL. Other tools will be posted there as I write them, this is by no mean a finished and polished product, just how I solved a particular problem and, be aware, the code is messy and lacks comments as of me posting it here, I will update as I make changes and the like.

… And I just fixed the massive security risk of posting my API key… Damnit.

Have you given the discourse-chat-integration plugin a try? It provides similar functionality in terms of posting notifications to discord rooms, although obviously won’t be as customisable as writing your own script.


I have not, I - in being silly - didn’t search the forum for a discord tool prior to trying to do it, and I was kind of stuck on a track that started trying to use IFTTT, which lead me to Huginn, and then lead me to writing a script. Weird, I know.

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@Cyclops are you still using Huginn?
I consider it a good alternative for Zapier, as mentioned in Adding posts via API using Huginn - Help - Ghost Forum what could allow us do communicate/interact with other applications which do not have an integration.

I am not anymore, but it was very useful. I didn’t like the interface much but it worked, it worked well even. I moved to using Telegram and having people add telegram notifications using an existing plugin.