Tooltip for Envelope icon in messages

There is an envelope icon to the left of personal message titles with the tooltip:
"This topic is a personal message"

That’s somewhat informative, but it totally hides the more important fact that clicking on the envelope takes you to your Inbox

You can change that message at: Customize / Text / js.topic_statuses.personal_message.title

But it might be preferable if the default were already “Go to Inbox” or something similar


I wonder if it’s worth having the link there at all? It’s a bit of an oddball ninja navigation feature.

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I use it all the time though! why-not-both-girl.gif

This topic is a personal message (select to go to your inbox)


I click the envelope frequently too. If we remove the link from it, we need to add some other way to “go to inbox”. A :arrow_backward: button perhaps?


I definitely would like a button, and it would help if it were more obvious what it does.

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Sure, maybe it should be styled as a button? I’m not sure. What do you think @awesomerobot ?


I also use this all the time to find my way back to the inbox. I like the idea of making this link back more obvious.