Display profile header and navigation when reading messages

I’m loving the new messages features with inbox, sent, archive folders. Nice job. :smile:

It would be improved by displaying the profile header and horizontal navigation (activity, notifications, messages, badges etc) when viewing individual messages, just like on the message list. As it is now the messages have no context and it’s hard to find your way back to your message list.

An alternative might be to provide a link to the messages folder it is in directly under the title, e.g. inbox, like you see categories and tags for post topics.

Interesting … I have 2 things on my immediate roadmap

  1. When you hit archive automatically take you back to the list
  2. Display “suggested messages” at the bottom. “suggested” would be all interactions I had with people involved in this message.

Maybe do a few UI mockups of how you would see this work so we get a taste of it before committing to all this extra chrome ?


Those two ideas are good - but really at the end of the day I think people expect messages to be more like email than topics, so having the UI look more like gmail would be welcomed. Or at least provide a way to click back to the messages list from the message.

At the very least like this:

Or like this:


A complaint we have gotten over the years quite repeatedly is the PMs do not feel private enough. This change would certainly address it.