Tooltips on sidebar expose HTML

I’ve got a few #links and @mentions in my Category descriptions, which are very helpful for category-specific navigation.

Unfortunately the tooltips in the #sidebar reveal the cooked HTML instead of the text for these bits, which is super messy:

Perhaps they could be sanitised and have the links removed (leaving just the text)?


To help our members transition to the new system, we included some tags in the About category. It looks find if you hover over that category in the list view.


But if you hover over it in the sidebar, it’s a bit crazy.

Can anything be done to clean that up? I’m not anxious to remove the tags from the About post since we are just migrating and our users need help learning where things are now.


Thanks for the reports @nathankershaw and @jenroberts !

I’ll add this to our list see if we can get to it sooner than later.


Thank you for letting us know :+1: I have a commit that would fix the issue


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