Show reason for approval being triggered on approval queue

I received an post approval request today, but on the approval page I cannot see why the post triggered a silence and an approval workflow.

When I check the logs, I can see user was silenced for ‘typing too fast’.

Might it be possible to display this reason next to the post in the approval page?

Am I missing something?

That is the ONLY reason they would appear on that queue.


That’s the only reason posts appear in the approval queue? What if someone flags?

Flags go to Flag Moderation, not the Approval Queue


Thanks for clarification!

Not entirely true. It’s possible to make it so that every post or topic by users below a certain trust level goes through the approval queue with the site settings “approve unless trust level” and “approve new topics unless trust level”. (Maybe also “approve post count”, but I don’t have experience with that one).


Okay, that’s fair, but if you enabled that, the new assumption is you know why the post is there. As that would become the ONLY reason for it to be there. As the “Fast Typing” rule, IIRC, only applies to TL0 users (maybe TL1?)


Yes, I’ve been hoping that eventually the Screened URLs list would send posts into the approval queue instead of “do nothing” but it hasn’t happened yet. eg.

FROM `screened-url-180328` 
WHERE `action` NOT LIKE 'do nothing';
[COUNT(*)] => 0
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