Topic Checkboxes - a dynamic check list showing all checkboxes from all topic messages

When using Discourse for project development management, it is often an operational overkill to create a separate topic for each small thing that needs a fix – it is much more viable and quick to have them all discussed and collected in a single topic.

I add a checkbox every time there is a message that reruires a fix. This works well per se. But the inconvenient part is to search the whole topic for messages with unchecked checkboxes.

So the proposed feature is to allow to embed a dynamic checkbox (e.g. in the very first message of a topic, but basically anywhere you want), that would mimick all existing checkboxes in all messages in the topic.

Let’s call it a topic checkboxes.

An additional copnfiguration for topic checkboxes could be a way to filter to only show checked or unchecked checkboxes.

When an item is checked/unchecked in such a topic checkbox, the corresponding checkbox in the message is also checked/unchecked respectively.

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Solved and auto closing?

Citing myself:

it is often an operational overkill to create a separate topic for each small thing that needs a fix

Yes, I understood that. But when all jobs mentioned in posts are solved out and you need to close that topic why would you need some automativ checkboces to every posts? Simple solving the very first one and then autoclosin the topic would do same thing.

You would like to use some super check to showing that every tasks on that topic, aka. posts, are ready. Right?

this is not our case; the topic is “ongoing” for a few weeks as we discuss and work on a feature, and create micro-tasks on the fly; a checkbox that we can check once the task is complete is more than enough; a topic for each such a task would create a mess of million topics. So if “multiple topics” had worked for us, I would have not created this feature request.

Not sure what you mean.
Let me show an example:

Topic: Iteration on UX of feature ABC

Message 1

Feature description bla-bla-bla.


p.s. message 1 would render a list of checkboxes from all posts in the topic, like this:

[ ] Update this and that bla-bla-bla
[+] Fix XYZ.

Message 2

Hi Tom, bla-bla-bla. Let’s update this in such a way that bla-bla-bla.

Update this and that bla-bla-bla

Message 3

I think it needs to be work this way and not that way here, please see the screenshot. Let’s fix it.

[+] Fix XYZ.

Message 4

Hey, fixed XYZ, take a look at the screenshot below, I like how it turned out!