Topic List Item Click Animation

Okay I understand now, Thanks

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Hi guys, it works when I click the Preview button in the component, other than that, no effect outside the preview… Any idea? Thanks !

Do you have it applied to your themes? Is something else overriding it?

Yeah, only one theme, applied to that theme, installed the spinner component as well (before) but no effect.

Strange, could you share what the settings on the theme itself look like? It should have a list of components.

No, I mean on the theme itself, like so:

Interesting, it looks like it should be applied, does a hard refresh (Ctrl + Shift + R) have any effect?

Nope… interesting that it works in Preview mode…

Thanks for looking at my problem anyway !

I deactivated every other component but not any better…

Are you sure you use the same theme to which you added the component? I sometimes forget to change that.

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Yes I have only one theme “Default”

I have another Discourse site, I tried, same behavior…

One hypothesis, it would not work when you are using only one theme, the Default one?

Hello :wave:

This theme component is not working well with spinner loader.

The spinner instantly changes the page when you click a topic, so we have no time to run the animation on the topic list item.

The slider is keeps you on the current page when you click a topic, so we can run animation during this loading time.

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Ok but the spinner loader is necessary is’nt it ?

No, it’s not necessary. You can use the slider loader without any issue.

I mean seeing the instructions " The component requires slider loader." the component slider loader is necessary for the Topic list Click animation to work is it?