Topic list not update correctly

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I’ve noticed some interesting (tricky) issue with discovery topic list topics unread statement. Sometimes when I open a topic where is an unread post and go back to topic list will show the same what before I open the topic, sometimes the unread post indicator come back and seems it wasn’t record that I open the topic and read the unread post. And seems the topic list isn’t update correctly when this happens because the new topic updates or new topics isn’t appears.

Not a 100% repro I didn’t have the specific reason when this happens:

  1. Open a (updated or created) topic from topic list which contains unread posts.
  2. Go back to the topic list
  3. Open an other topic from the topic list
  4. Go back to the topic list

The 3. and 4. steps sometimes not needed to reproduce this.

The topic what you opened on the 1. point will show the same unread post what before appear. It seems the page reload can fix this issue. But when this happens the See x new or updated topic banner won’t appear and the new post show up only with full page reload.

There is no error in console or /logs.

The repro steps not always work but I created 2 video about it.

Defer topic is also not updated the topic list instantly every time.

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That has been issue here a longer now. I haven’t informed because at one point I was blaiming my iPad and after that I didn’t bothered because no one else said anything — and propably guys here are busy with AI and everything.

It is kind of caching issue, I reckon. But for me helps if I go back via logo. Not everytime, but often.

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