Topic list parameter for created after

I had an interesting idea for an alternate Discourse user agent, but it would require a topic list filter for created_after.

Specifically I want this to work: /latest.json?order=op_likes&created_after=2023-06-07

Prior art: The bumped_before query parameter exists in the opposite direction, but having it be a number of days feels like a mistake. I think DateTime.parse(...).trunc(1.hour) would give a good balance of caching and precision.


I think we have one now as part of the Experimental topics list filter feature, if that helps?


Oh this looks good, this already returns fairly high quality results on Meta:


Hmm, the fact that this requires login is unfortunate, but very understandable.

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That is just temporary, once it is completely done I expect we would open it up.

@tgxworld probably has more context.

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