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:information_source: Summary Provides controls for showing category and topic stats on category homepage and topic list filter pages
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Install this theme component

This simple theme component allows for showing and hiding of the topic list statistics in the main category page and topic list filter pages (ie: latest, new, unread, top, category pages). The admin setting desktop_category_page_style must be set to one of the views that shows the topic list in the homepage (like here on Meta). This theme component affects both and desktop mobile views.

This component is compatible with the Topic List Author theme component to provide various options for topic list columns.


The component has the following settings:

  • show or hide the number of topic views (adds the view count to the category homepage topic stats)
  • show or hide the number of topic replies
  • show or hide the time since last activity
  • show or hide category stats
  • hide all stats from anonymous users


Topic view counts do not show on the category homepage by default and this component adds that feature and also allows to hide it (desktop view). Thanks to @tshenry for the view count plug-in outlet :slight_smile:




ok i have completely re-written this theme component - please update it. it now has much simpler settings for stats in category home page and topic list filter pages (ie; latest, new, unread, top, category pages). i have removed all text formatting. also made the component settings apply to both desktop and mobile views. in addition, i have also added a setting to hide all stats from anon users.

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