Topic Ratings Plugin

I had the worst time figuring out how to enable ratings on a post. From the README:

Topics can be designated as ‘for rating’, by being posted in a category with ratings setting on (see below), or by being given the tag ‘rating’.

I couldn’t determine what “see below” referred to and I wonder if something is missing. I tried creating a rating tag, but that’s not working at this point. Meanwhile I followed the advice from this post:

Good to know those options exist, but it didn’t help me enable ratings:

It took me an embarrassingly long time to find the settings for enabling ratings on a tag or category: /admin/plugins/ratings.

I’ve created a PR, but it probably needs to be fleshed out a bit more.

Thank you for that feedback - but the plugin does adhere to the de facto standards where

  • all site settings for a plugin can be accessed by going to Admin - Plugins, looking up the plugin and clicking its Settings button?

  • all advanced settings are accessible by going to Admin - Plugins and then looking for the plugin name in the second menu bar

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I didn’t know that this was some sort of standard and I use that menu bar almost every day. (It’s the Data Explorer menu bar in my mind.)

Looking again, I see that the RSS Polling Plugin is there and I configured that at some point. My guess is that I was helped by the excellent documentation.

Given this is a sort of a standard, would it not be helpful to have a link to the advanced settings next to the site settings link? It wasn’t at all hard to find the other settings and it left me thinking I’d found all that existed rather than just half the settings (and none that I needed to get started).


Is it possible to use 2 step rating instead of stars?`

Like :+1: :-1: With a result like

:+1: (69%) :-1: (31%)


Does this plugin expose the average rating and number of ratings of a topic as 1-2 simply API calls somehow?

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And is it possible to show the ratings when embedding Discourse as in Embed Discourse comments on another website via Javascript ?

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As a user, how can one see all one’s ratings?

PS: Sorry for posting question after question, but I think this is the appropriate please, yes?

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HI @frold,

I appreciate your patience and apologize for the delay in my response. I’ve been preoccupied with other commitments but am back now and ready to address your questions.

The possibility of having a 2-step rating system is interesting. The current design of the Topics Ratings Plugin supports a star-based system, but I see the value in a simpler, thumbs up/down system. Although this is not currently a feature, it’s a compelling idea and I’ll certainly explore its feasibility for a future update. We are also open to sponsorships or funding for the development of specific features. If you’re interested in sponsoring this feature or any other, please feel free to get in touch.

Hi @n1bff,

My sincere apologies for the delayed response. Your patience is truly appreciated. I had other engagements that required my attention, but I’m now here to focus on your inquiries.

As of now, the plugin does not provide direct API calls for average rating and number of ratings for a topic. While we recognize the convenience this could provide, it’s not a current feature but something I’ll certainly consider for future enhancements.

Similarly, displaying ratings when embedding comments and providing a consolidated view of all a user’s ratings are not currently supported. These are thoughtful suggestions, and rest assured, I will look into their feasibility.

As we are an open-source project, any feature developments could be expedited through sponsorships or funding. If you or your organization are interested in sponsoring these or other features, please reach out.

I cannot delete the Type because of an error.

When I try to delete “The Name is … and the Type is empty”, an error message “The requested URL or resource could not be found.” is displayed and I cannot delete it.

Even if I uninstall and reinstall the plugin by “Rebuild the container”, the same error occurs.

It appears that an invalid type was added, resulting in an empty type. The plugin definitely needs a sanity check for input validation.

For now, you can use the Rails console to delete the empty type:

cd /var/discourse
./launcher enter app
rails c

Refresh the page, and it should be gone!
Keep the type simple, such as my_type, and you are good. :smile:


That’s super cool! Thanks for telling me.

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Text categories other than English are not displayed.

Categories must be displayed for non-English text to be managed.

How do I display them?

※ Also, In the case of Type, an error will occur if a non-English character is entered.

@LoveMCJ A quick fix for this is to define a slug for your category, then delete/add the category for the rating again. This should work!


I see an issue here:

Category.slugFor will return either the slug if it exists or {id}-category if not defined.

The plugin uses findBySlugPath, which only looks for categories with a slug defined.
For categories without, findSingleBySlug should likely be used as well.

I hope that helps! :slight_smile:


:heart_eyes:I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

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The rating star appears on any topic title page.
But on the homepage, I see [object Object] instead of the rating star of the posts.

How can I fix this?

*Note: The problem occurred after the update.( Discourse and Topic Ratings Plugin and other Everything is up to date)

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When I remove this option, the [object Object] text disappears. Are you planning to do anything about this? I think this should be fixed.

Kind regards. Good Work. @jumagura



On your last changes

It misses:

import { registerRawHelper } from "discourse-common/lib/helpers";

registerRawHelper("rating-list", _ratingList);

Ooooops! You are quite right! thx!