Topic replies trigger Actions feature


It would be very valuable for admins and moderators to orchestrate and stimulate engagement by being able to configure topics so that Discourse would apply actions automatically to user accounts and recommendations for topics users should see when they reply to certain questions.

Use Case 1: A user replies to a poll in a topic and that user is automatically invited to join, or is added to the members of, a private group where deeper conversations occur such as what the poll results imply. (This feature would offer a powerful initial utility with minimal complexity.)

Use Case 2: A user replies to a topic and certain other topics are automatically added to the user’s banner or recommended topics list.

Use Case 3: A user replies to a topic and automatically receives a customized message on how to obtain a badge or achieve a trust level by taking an action related to the topic. Actions might include forwarding a system email inviting others to join the conversation on the topic and tracking the promoter for higher status.