Topic Visitors Counter Plugin

I’ve made a simple plugin to display how many visitors are visiting a topic.

This plugin calculates visitors based on session id, so it will not increment the total viewer data if there is multiple browser tabs opening same topic.
It will track user when entering or leaving to another topic, but it can’t update the data if user close the browser tab. However it’s not a big issue, I already have plan for that, I can set expire time for each tracked session and use heartbeat system to check that user still viewing the topic.

I will start to add that functionality and some test after GSOC student apply deadline, so the background of why I create this plugin is because I need more familiarize my self with Discourse.
Few days ago I sent a GSOC Proposal for ‘Webhook for Discourse events’, but I still have no feedback from mentors, and I can’t find who is the mentor, so please let me know who is the mentor so I can contact with him.
Based on this groundwork, I want to propose ‘See who’s writing’ GSOC idea.

I know it’s not useful plugin, but I will very appreciate every feedbacks for this plugin.


I don’t know why you got no feedback, @erlend_sh is in charge of that.


oh okay, I am still waiting patiently
I’m just worrying because the deadline is less than 3 days away


Sorry about the delay in reviews Saiqul. I submitted a comment in the review section yesterday though; does the GSoC app not send any kind of notification about those?

Working on a plugin like this to demonstrate your ability is a very good approach! :thumbsup: You should submit it to the plugin directory if you get it into working shape.


It’s OK, I understand you must have been busy. I want to say thanks to you of your time for reviewing my proposal.
I just checked my email, my proposal file on google docs, and GSoC site, but I can’t find your review. Could you tell me more where you submitted your comment please?

OK absolutely will do.

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D’oh! I posted in the admin-only comments section. Sent you a message on Meta instead.

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Oh man! Good!
Maybe, finally, we will enjoy a lot of features that have many forums!

You’re going to expand this features?

Yea sure, I will finish the basic functionality soon, and submit it into plugin directory, so I can have any review/feedback from you if you don’t mind


Hi @sam

I have read your message_bus library to complete the basic functionality of this plugin
I’ve tried some ways, but the way that works is by add some method on MessageBus middleware
please take a look at this gist.
how do you think? Would it be a problem for MessageBus performance or something awful?

I want to see how many visitors, logged in + anonymous, are viewing my forum at the moment.
Can this plugin serve this purpose?
Or do you pls know any other way?

It’d be very good, if there was an option to show (or hide) that number to users.