Topic with a large number of polls gives 429 error

We use polls as a simple moderator voting mechanism for selecting featured artwork. (We used likes for this in the past, but realized we needed ‘downvotes’ for this too). This voting happens in one large topic, which has about 550 posts. I estimate that about 100 of these posts have a poll in them (we sometimes post comments too).

Recently things broke down and we’re getting a 429 error when visiting the topic. I believe this is a rate limiting issue, which to me suggests that perhaps Discourse it trying to load ALL the polls in this topic, even when only a few are actually loaded.

This is in a private forum, if anyone from the Discourse team needs temporary access to investigate I’ll be happy to set that up.

Sure I can have a look. Invite me with


Invite sent. I’ll send you more information through a PM


We’re having the same issue on a topic with 25 polls in it.


This should fix it :strawberry:


Confirmed this fixed for us. Thanks! :tada:


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