Topics are gone

I got an email reply 20h ago saying that a topic created by me was no longer accessible:

Funnily enough, I could not open that very same topic I got the email message from (it is still accessible via Google Cache: Replying to that email gave me an “Your reply was sent from a different email address than the one we expected” error (first time correctly, second time I used the correct address).

I also noticed that I was granted an „out of love“ badge also 20h ago although I wasn’t even on meta for a couple of days (around the same time @codinghorror and a couple of others got his) … don’t know if this is in any way related. However, there seem to be one or more hickups recently.

Any idea what’s going on here @mpalmer ?

… and I also just got a non-descriptive error when creating this topic, tried it a second time only to get an error that a topic with the same name has already been created. So I had a look at the newest topics and my topic has indeed been created the first time around. Weird.

I’m using Fx 46b5 and apart from a deprecation notice, there are no messages in the JS console.

I deleted it on Jan 1st, no idea why, must have been an error on my part, just undeleted it

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Well, the kitematic topic is 1000% obsolete so I deleted that one.

Ah ok – did you delete or achive it? Wouldn’t it be better to just close a topic or somehow have another measure to mark a topic as obsolete? The information in the topic may still be relevant to some (even if the info is “idea is not worth investigating / obsolete”).

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