Topics are not deleted

I used the command

rake destroy:topics["#"]

to delete topics, in fact all topics in the forum menu don’t show up, but if I search about it, they do!

Wasn’t it supposed to delete everything?


I have this problem too.

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From what I understand, the rake destroy tasks don’t delete data from the database, they only soft-delete it. For a hard-delete you would need to access the rails console.

My rails skills are not great, so I’m hesitant to offer any specific advice, especially for a job of this magnitude :slightly_smiling_face:, but there are a few pieces of existing advice you could use to research what you’d need to do. Eg:


If you click on those topics in the search, can you see them?

I’m not sure if you’re seeing soft-deleted topics or you’re seeing a search index that hasn’t been refeshed since the topics were deleted.

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