Topics of suppressed categories still appear in homepage (Categories + recent topics)

(Quim Gil) #1

This is a strange glitch with a high impact.

  1. Set category page style to “Categories and recent topics”
  2. Set the homepage to show the categories page

No topics from the suppressed category appear in the homepage.

Topics from the suppressed category appear in the homepage… but if you click the “Categories” tab they disappear!

Default homepage at, see all the topics from the suppressed category “Kaosenlared”.

Clicking “Categories” results in the desired behavior. The topics from the suppressed category are gone.

PS: fwiw this looks related? Suppress posts from a category in Categories and Latest Topics view

Suppress posts from a category in Categories and Latest Topics view
(Joshua Rosenfeld) #2

I can repro this on try. Topics from a suppressed category (or subcategory) appear when the page is loaded via browser refresh, but disappear when the page is reloaded by clicking on “Categories”.

That’s quite old. The bug was fixed back when the setting was called suppress from homepage. This likely regressed when the feature was changed to suppress from latest. cc @sam

(maiki) #3

I believe this was a recent development, we just started noticing suppressed topics appearing, but have been using them for a while.

(B Iggy) #5

Hey @jomaxro

Unfortunately with the latest beta6 release it was not fixed.

Since we are running a kind of support ticket system with a suppressed category it is quite a bummer that they are listed the first time people come to the forum.

Is this bug in the prio list for the beta7 or a hotfix beta6 by any chance?


(Tom Newsom) #6


This bug/feature is preventing us using @angus’ excellent calendar plugin to handle a booking system. We want to suppress posts in a category from appearing anywhere except that category. Unfortunately, our homepage is the Hybrid view, which (despite having a section entitled Latest!) doesn’t respect the “suppress from Latest” setting.

EDIT: And I’ll tell you what’s weird. Posts in the affected category are visible when first loading the site, but disappear when clicking on the site logo to go home. a refresh brings them back.

(Sam Saffron) #7

Fixed per:

Thanks heaps for reporting this

(Daniel Hollas) #8

Hmm, I am seeing something very similar for /unread tab. I have no unread posts, but when I refresh the page the Unread tab appears, and when are click on it, there are no posts. Is it related?

btw: How do you find out the discourse version if you’re on the hosted instance? Or is it always on the latest passing commit?

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #9

On our hosting you can see the specific commit you are on viewing the page source. In Chrome you can right click and click “View Source”. Near the top you’ll see a like similar to this:

<meta name="generator" content="Discourse 2.0.0.beta7 - version 4f55fbfefa74398c6e98e21fafcd6835dc4b57f0">

That gives you the current beta you are on, and you can use the commit hash to see the exact commit you’re on. You are not going to be on the latest passing commit at all times, we update sites regularly once we’re certain it’s safe to do so, only Meta and Try run on the lastest passing commit.

(Daniel Hollas) #10

Thanks! For reference, I am currently on Discourse 2.0.0.beta6 version ec7448bd1b84f3dc8ab1c00dc846350128c2af0a

(Sam Saffron) #11

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