"Topics with no response" admin "Last 30 days" number very high

/admin page displays very high number for “Last 30 days” for “Topics with no response”.

I assume this has something to do with the site content being imported and numbers will likely correct themselves after a period of time.

Running v1.4.0.beta3 +113

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How long ago was the import?

When SitePoint migrated it took ~100 days for numbers to fall into reason.

* not “no response” at that time, but the TL3 requirements were skewed.,

9 months ago or more.

Well, that certainly seems like long enough time for things to have settled.
Sorry, I have no other ideas about this.

That is… a lot… of topics with no response.


And the new number for today is:

Just to sanity check here - I can assure you that there isn’t even that many topics, posts and private messages combined in the Discourse installation.

eleven quadrillion ,
one hundred eleven trillion ,
two hundred thirteen billion ,
one hundred fifty two million ,
two hundred twenty one thousand ,
one hundred twenty four


My forum is showing this as well, and it’s not an import. Started clean on Digital Ocean a few months ago.

Numbers were still stupid high today when checking earlier, but was ~eleven quadrillion lower.

I just did an upgrade via /admin/upgrade and now things are looking normal.

I believe @neil fixed this, it was a number that was being interpreted as a string.

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Yeah, meta had some numbers that were a weeeee bit wrong…


3 sextillion - love that word.

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