Time to First Response... crazy numbers?

We upgraded to the latest last night and the first thing I did was go check out these new metrics. And now I’m confused.

7.3 hours, 9.18 hours makes sense. 177 hours doesn’t, and 1082 hours definitely does not. Those are for the 7 and 30 day marks. Can you help me understand how these numbers are generated and what they reflect?

Also, when I click the link to get Topics with no response I do not get a list of topics - just numbers. That would be a very handy feature; is there a way to get that? Right now I go to “top” and sort by reply to find the 0s - is that the closest?

Thank you

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@neil / @zogstrip any idea what is going on here?

Will fix. Looks like we’re summing something we should be averaging…


Just pushed the fix :sunflower: