Total number of topics in categorys view field should be clickable to open that category

I would like to porpose an ux feature to category view. A lot of our users are using mobile devices to explore our forum. New forums are more likely to have Categories view as a default for the first page instead of Latest (our forum has that). Now, in mobile interface there is grouped list of topics in each category with a total number of topics at the bottom. Most of the users, when exploring a forum are clicking straight away to the total number to view all topics in that category, and not seeing a title of category as the way to open that category. Is it posible to add a feature, when a user clicks on a field with a total number of topics at the bottom of category group, it should open that category. Once more, our users are not aware of that, that clicking on a name is the way to go. Could it be just added too, as a way of opening the categories.

Sure, good idea! I can support making that count clickable, I see no downside… can you assign that tomorrow @eviltrout?


Yeah, here we go:


Thank you all people :+1::blush: