Total posts on categories page should count subcategories

I have a two-level hierarchy for my forum - three high-level categories, each with three sub-categories. The category page shows this structure quite well but the “posts / month” figure only seems to be for the top-level categories.

Since the majority of topics go in the second-level categories, this means that my forum looks kinda dead, based on these numbers! For example, I might have, say, 50 posts under the second-level categories for a particular top-level category. But my categories page says something like “3 / month”. Not good :slight_smile:

Is there any way to have the topic costs include those in nested categories?

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I suggest using a flatter hierarchy.

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Thank you, @codinghorror. However, I have had this hierarchy in place since day one for my business and all my content, lessons, webinars, courses, etc are built around this framework. I expose this across multiple platforms without any issues, except this one. Plus, if it was any flatter it would be … flat (I only have two levels).

So I’d rather find a way to change the technology to reflect the business, not the other way around.

Do you happen to know if this is “just” a theme-level issue? If so, I guess I could figure out how to change the theme to remove the number.

Any even better approach would be some way to query on the total number of topics in a category, including sub-categories. If so, I could maybe adjust the theme to show that. But I am guessing that’s not available - but would love to be told I am wrong :slight_smile:

Hello Mark,

I was able to solve this problem by using CSS. I used display:none; to hide the relevant elements. It’s a bit of a work around but for small changes like this it works.

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I like creative thinking :slight_smile: Good idea Emma and that solved my issue. Thank you again.

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