trackStatus error in docs topics


I’ve noticed in docs some topics content not load, only the topic title.

To repro it go for example this topic Configure an S3 compatible object storage provider for uploads and check the console.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


I can repro that. :slight_smile: It seems it’s the @mentions. If I wrap them in some preformatted text in the base topic then it displays the docs view properly again.

I will pass it on and see if we can get that fixed up. :+1:


Yeah, I think there was a fix that might be related with this few days ago: FIX: error when opening a previously deleted post by AndrewPrigorshnev · Pull Request #19346 · discourse/discourse · GitHub


Every post including a mention is broken, at least on my install. The problem seems to be that User.create in @andrei 's change FEATURE: Show live user status on inline mentions on posts (#18683) · discourse/discourse@a76d864 · GitHub isn’t being executed and the mentioned user is therefore a generic object instead of a user object.


This is a similar problem, but it needs another fix. I am working on it now.

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Do you mean every post on docs topics, or general posts as well?

In my case it is a general problem when I create a topic and mention someone.

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I see, thank you! Could you please share an error message from the browser console like in the opening post?

This fixes the problem in the calendar plugin, and also makes sure the same problem won’t appear in other plugins:

Note that the status on mentions in docs will be static. If you’re looking at someone’s status in a doc and that person would change the status, you won’t see an update immediately, only after reloading the page. But I’m going to fix it, I’ll post an update here.

The fact it’s a generic problem on your instance is interesting, in general that shouldn’t happen on regular posts, for example it doesn’t happen here on Meta. Still, the fix should address this issue too (with the same drawback, status on mentions won’t be receiving live updates).


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It’s fixed in